Can women visit the dead at a cemetery?

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This issue is divisive because, overseas scholars in a particular country tend to overwhelmingly adopt one position or another, so people may imagine it is the only valid opinion. Due to the diversity of our congregation, we try to accommodate the different cultures and traditions here within the boundaries of our religion.

If one follows the opinion of women being permitted to visit the graveyard, there is no harm in watching the burial process so long as there is no fear of lamentation or excessive loud crying/screaming/wailing, as this was prohibited for both men and women at the graveyards. In pre-Islamic times the Arabs used to hire people to do this on their behalf which is prohibited by the religion. During the actual burial, due to the tight quarters, the people should be arranged so that there would not be crowding or physical touching as the men complete the actual execution of the burial.

We are not aware of any specific texts regarding minors visiting graveyards. They are subject to the same restrictions as summarized above and should participate only if they are of sufficient maturity and capability of observing the guidelines outlined.

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