Is it halal to use red wine vinegar for consumption?

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The vinegar combines red wine with vinegar, which has almost no alcohol content. Red wine vinegar is considered halal due to its lack of trace alcohol left in it. During the process of making red wine vinegar, an enzymatic reaction breaks down some components of the grapes, which includes alcohol, and makes acetic acid instead. Therefore, no alcohol remains in the final product. 

It’s essential to always check that the entire transformation process has occurred to establish if the red wine vinegar you’re using in your cooking is fully halal. The best way to do this is to look out for the halal logo or registration number with five digits on the bottle.

Some red wine vinegar includes wine that is added AFTER the vinegar has been bottled. If this is the case, then the vinegar is not halal. Read the list of ingredients on the bottle or packaging and make sure no alcohol has been added to the vinegar after the transformation process has taken place.


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