Important Guidelines for Performing Daily Prayers at IAR

The Islamic Association of Raleigh is open for the 5 daily prayers and Friday prayers at reduced capacity. Online registration is required for all shifts of Friday prayers until further notice.

Jumuah Info

The last shift of Jumuah will be held at 2:15 PM due to the end of daylight saving time and to better accommodate school schedules. As such, Jumuah shifts will be held at 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM, and 2:15 PM.

Al-Ma'idah Kitchen & Café

Al-Ma'idah Kitchen & Café is now accepting online orders! Please order from Al-Ma'idah website by clicking the button below.

Bring the Masjid Home

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Qur'an Night: Levels of Tilawah

The IAR invites its community to attend "Levels of Tilawah: A Full Recitation of Surah Al-Baqarah". Join this Friday at 9 PM to hear some of the most renowned Qur'an reciters in the US recite the words of Allah. Event will be live streamed on IAR's YouTube and FaceBook. Levels of Tilawah Edition II.png

Course on Racism, Religion, & Reconciliation

A four-week course addressing the hidden causes of racism and it's psychological effects on our community life. It brings to light the Islamic perspective on dismantling racism through examples from the Quran, Sunnah, and history highlighting the value + importance of our humanity. The course is taught by Imam Abdul Hafeez Waheed and Imam Ronald Shaheed.

IAR is blessed with a rare opportunity to learn from two esteemed instructors who studied alongside the renowned leader and thinker Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

This course has also been taught at Duke and NC State. Register here.

Ramadan 1442AH / 2021CE

This year, the first day of fasting will be observed on Tuesday, April 13 insha'Allah and Eid-ul-Fitr will occur on Thursday, May 13. Details on Ramadan programming and any impacts from COVID-19 restrictions are forthcoming.

As per the IAR Imam's Office, future dates can be found at the Fiqh Council's website. We are grateful to observe Ramadan and Eid alongside many area masajid according to the Declaration of the Triangle Imams Council.

Annual Open House 2021 (Virtual)


The IAR Outreach Committee is excited to be hosting our Annual Open House VIRTUALLY on Saturday March 20, 2021 from 12pm to 1:45pm. Sign up online now at IAR-Open-House-2021.png

Job Opening: Youth Program Development Manager

The IAR Youth Committee is seeking a part-time Youth Program Development Manager.

Read more

Open Volunteer Position - IT Committee Chair

We are looking for a volunteer who is willing to serve as the chair of the IAR IT Committee. The responsibilities include leading the committee and building a diversified team that serves IAR IT needs from cloud management to website maintenance and new tools development and integration. Previous experience and skill set in these areas is preferred. This is a huge opportunity to serve Allah (SWT) by serving your own community, and develop relationships with the strong and dedicated team of staff/volunteers and the leadership of your own masjid.

Please send your resume and related info to

Job Opening: Part-time Administrative Assistant

The IAR is seeking a part-time administrative assistant.

Read more.

Youth Programs 2021

The IAR Youth Committee is thrilled to announce its newest programs for the year 2021, including the "Journey of the Soul", "Nobility of the Muslimah", and "How to be a Man" series for high school youth. Please visit to see all the newest offerings.


Ending the Silence

With the situation we are living in, the rate of anxiety, depression and self-harming behavior is on the rise among our children and youth. IAR Health & Wellness and Hope Sisters are partnering to sponsor a talk by NAMI Wake County on how to identify the warning signs of mental health conditions.

Join us on Sat 2/6 at 12:00pm (for Parents) and Sun 2/7 at 12:00pm (for youth) at!

Read more. image.png

IAR Health & Wellness Team is looking for Interns

Are you looking for an opportunity to work with Muslim health professionals? You can help support the IAR Health & Wellness Team that is dedicated to providing mental health services to the Triangle Muslim community. We are looking for individuals with skills in Creative Content, Social Media, Operations/Business Development, Advocacy and more. Read more.
IAR Internship Poster.png

EDI Committee looking for Chair and Volunteers

Do you want to make an impactful difference for our IAR Community?
Do you feel that the IAR Community can be more innovative in the inclusion of our community of over 75 ethnicities? If so, we have a GREAT opportunity for you to lead a committee unprecedented in any U.S. Masjid.

Read more

Open Volunteer Position - SABR Committee Chair

We are looking for a volunteer who is willing to serve as the chair of the newly forming SABR Committee (subject to Shura approval). The Sisters and Brothers Rising (SABR) Committee is the new proposed name of the IAR Advocates work that has led our civic engagement efforts including through ONE Wake.

Read more.

Open Volunteer Position - Finance Committee Chair

We are looking for a volunteer who is willing to serve as the chair of the IAR Finance Committee. The responsibilities include leading the committee, preparing annual budget, annual general body financial reporting, and overseeing the cash collection process. Previous experience and skill set in these areas is preferred.

Read more.

Important: Message for community members

Assalamu Alaikom Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Beloved Brothers & Sisters,

If there was ever a time for our community to remain vigilant it is now. As the cases of COVID-19 continue to spiral upwards in North Carolina, 90% of counties are in the red or orange zones for viral spread including Wake County.

Read more

ANQA 2021 Online Qur'an Programs

An-Noor Quran Academy presents an opportunity to strengthen your family's relationship with the Qur'an via its 2021 Online Qur'an courses, taught and supervised by Sh. Hoosain Dalvi. Courses include Quran Reading, Hifdh Review, Part-Time Hifdh, Hifdh Ijaazah, and more!

Registration is now open for the Spring semester. Click here to register.
2021 Courses - An-Noor Quran Academy.png

Blood Drive Friday 12/18

COVID-19 has severely impacted our communities. Lives have been lost, jobs have been lost, and our normal day to day routines have been altered. The road to recovery won't be easy, but together we can ease the process. Every ounce of help that can be offered will help fix the problem. Even if it doesn't help you directly you could be positively impacting someone's life. Every person that donates blood can save up to 3 lives. Here is your chance to lend a helping hand. May Allāh safeguard all of us during these times. Aameen To register for a spot, scan the QR Code on the flier below, or use this link.image_6487327.JPG

CEO Hiring Update

We have hired a new CEO and the hiring process has been completed. The new CEO will start effective Jan. 15, 2021. Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your patience and support.

IAR Food Pantry

IAR Food Pantry is need of your donations. Drop off your donation of non-perishable food items at the IAR masjid or donate online. To donate online and contribute to the Needy Fund, use the following link: Please note, this month, Food Pantry will be open on December 12th at 10am. IAR-Food-Pantry.png

General Body Report 2020

Here is the IAR General Body Report for 2020. GB Report 2020.pdf

Reopening IAR Youth Activities Survey

This survey is designed to assess the need and the demand for reopening IAR Youth activities. The survey is simply an initial assessment. The Youth Committee is working with a team to determine the feasibility of reopening activities and will send further information once more is available to share. Your participation in the survey will provide us with vital information in making decisions regarding reopening. Link to survey.

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March 03, 2021Rajab 19, 1442 Hijri

Prayer Times

Wednesday, March 03 2021




Fajr 5:17 AM 5:45 AM
Shuruq 6:41 AM
Dhuhr 12:32 PM 1:35 PM
Asr 3:43 PM 4:00 PM
Maghrib 6:15 PM 6:25 PM
Isha 7:32 PM 8:00 PM

March prayer schedule

Prayer times on your phone:

Friday prayer topics and speakers to be announced soon.

Friday Prayer Schedule

  • 1st Shift:
    Khutba 11:00
  • 2nd Shift:
    Khutba 12:00
  • 3rd Shift:
    Khutba 1:00
  • 4th Shift:
    Khutba 2:15