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Islamic Association of Raleigh
808 Atwater Street
Raleigh, NC 27607
Tel. (919) 834-9572
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First Ever Impact Weekend

December 15th to 17th, 2023

Mark your calendars for an inspiring and impactful weekend at Your Masjid! Join us for the first Community Impact Weekend filled with connection, empowerment, and service.

Friday Night: Special Family Night | Saturday Afternoon: Day of Service | Saturday Afternoon: General Body Meeting | Saturday Evening: Impact Gala | Sunday Evening: Young Professional Bonfire

Prayer Times

Information Circle

Please be aware that the Hijri date on our website and app updates at midnight with the Gregorian calendar.

Jumada al-awwal 25, 1445 Hijri
5:58 AM
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Friday Prayer Schedule

1st Shift
Enduring The Consequences of Resisting Oppression
Imam Muamar Dahnoun
Imam Muamar Dahnoun

Imam at the Islamic Association of Raleigh

2nd Shift
Trust in the Divine Plan: Lessons from Hudaybiyah
Imam Saif Morad
Imam Saif Morad

Imam at the Islamic Association of Raleigh

3rd Shift
The Present Struggles and the Future of Our Ummah
Ahmed Gomaa
Ahmed Gomaa

Community Volunteer


Election Results

Announcing our 7 newly-elected Shura members! Abrar SattarAhmed QuqaAli JaffryHassan ImamJamil QurnehMateen AkhtarShameem Rajak Majlis Al-Shura, the main policy-making body of IAR, is comprised of 15 people: 1 Imam and 14 elected individuals who serve 4-year terms. Half of them

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IAR Shura Elections

Candidate Introductions List of Candidates Name (First) Name (Last) Abrar Sattar Ahmad Quqa Ali Jaffry Atabek Djumagulov Firdos Pathan Hassan Imam Jalees Afzal Jamil Qurneh Mateen Akhtar Shahmeem Rajak Youssef Benjelloun Yousuf Badar Chairman Letter Asalamu Alaikum Dear IAR Members

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Update on Al-Iman School Expansion Discussion

Dear IAR Community, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to provide you with a follow-up regarding the discussions we had last week on the Al-Iman Weston Parkway expansion during our public forums. Your active participation and engagement

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Run for Your Masjid’s Shura

Majlis Al-Shura Election 2023 InshaAllah the shura election will be held electronically and in-person on November 19th 2023. If you would like to nominate yourself and become a shura candidate, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

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CBS 17 reports on 700 plus visitors to Islamic Center of Raleigh to learn about Islam

CBS 17 reports on 700 plus visitors to Islamic Center of Raleigh to learn about Islam

CBS 17 reports on 700 plus visitors to Islamic Center of Raleigh to learn about Islam

Services & Resources


Nikkah/Katb Al Kitab


Talaq & Khulu'


Janazah/In Case of Death

Kitchen & Catering

Delicious food from Al Maidah Café

What is Islam?

Learn more about Islam

Safety & Security

Protecting the Masjid

Social Services

Supporting Muslims experiencing adverse living conditions.

Counseling Referral

Supporting our community through hardship.

Schedule a Tour

Visit the Islamic Association of Raleigh.


Embark or learn more about the blessed journey.

Waqf & Endowment

Eternal Charity

Islamic Will

Ready-to-use template

Special Needs Services

Providing an inclusive environment

Fiqh/Religious Inquiry

Contact an Imam for Religious Questions


Room reservation & vendor registration


Become a member of IAR

Marketing Request

Share an event/program with the community

What's Happening at Your Masjid

Join us at an event as we continue to offer in-person and virtual programming to our community.

12.09.23 10:00AM

Al-Iman Quran Memorization Program

Saturday Quran memorization program for children Held at Al-Iman School on the 3rd floor For registration and payment info, visit

12.09.23 11:30AM

Tarbiyah for Teens

A weekly high school girls program encouraging mentorship, exploring the Quran, promoting volunteerism, and building sisterhood. Held weekly on Saturdays, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM.

12.09.23 1:30PM

Elementary & Middle School Boys Saturday Program

Audience: Elementary & Middle School Boys Timing: Saturdays at 2 PM Registration & Contact: Mahen Khan - [email protected]

Girls Saturday Program
12.09.23 2:00PM

Girls Saturday Program

Visit the program page for up to date information and registration. Audience: Elementary, Middle, & High School Sisters Contact: Sr. Farrah Khan - [email protected]

12.09.23 2:00PM

Girls’ Saturday Program

Girls ages 5-13 are invited to join our Girls' Saturday Program starting on September 10th! This program offers fun activities, great company and Islamic reminders. Join us Saturdays from 2:00

High School Boys’ Night
12.09.23 7:00PM

High School Boys’ Night

High school brothers are invited to join their fellow youth for a weekly hangout featuring sports, video games, and an uplifting reminder followed by dinner. This program is an opportunity

Introduction to Islam
12.10.23 2:00PM

Introduction to Islam

Learn about Islam online from the comfort of your home! Due to COVID-19, we're now holding online classes instead of the in-person class. We invite you to participate live either

12.10.23 2:00PM

Public Speaking & Debate

A weekly public speaking and debate program for all ages, taking place every Sunday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

12.10.23 5:30PM

Studies in Usool Al-Fiqh

REGISTER HERE The IAR is happy to announce the “Studies in Usool Al-Fiqh” course on Sundays after Maghrib taught by Dr. Hisham Sarsour and guest instructors. Join us starting this

12.11.23 7:30PM

Hifdh Halaqah

Brothers and sisters are welcome to join the weekly Hifdh Halaqah to assist with Qur'an memorization every Monday after Isha!

CBS 17 reports on 700 plus visitors to Islamic Center of Raleigh to learn about Islam

CBS 17 reports on 700 plus visitors to Islamic Center of Raleigh to learn about Islam

CBS 17 reports on 700 plus visitors to Islamic Center of Raleigh to learn about Islam

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The Islamic Association of Raleigh (IAR) is an Islamic center serving as a masjid, school, and a gathering place for the Muslim community in the Triangle region of North Carolina.