Annual General Body Meeting

IAR would like invite our community to the General Body Meeting on Friday October 18 between Maghrib and Isha in the Main Prayer Hall.

The primary purpose of this meeting is to obtain community's feedback. We also plan to present the annual report, as well as the status of IAR Businesses.

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Sisters Health Workshop

Please join Sister Razan Gregory for a Sisters Health & Hijama (cupping) workshop on Sunday September 15 at 2:00 pm at the IAR.

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Dealing with Depression

Mufti Azeemuddin will be a guest speaker for the Friday Sept 13 1:00 PM prayers titled, Controlling our gaze and guarding our modesty.

He will also present the Friday Night Program on Sept 13 "Dealing with Depression".

Month of Muharram

IAR congratulates you on the arrival of the month of Muharram 1441 Hijri.

It is recommended to fast on the ninth and the tenth day of Muharram which will be on Sunday September 8 and Monday September 9 respectively.

Virtues of month of Muharram

IAR School Board

IAR is seeking a chairperson for the newly formed School Board.

The School Board will develop both short and long term strategies for future growth, competitive educational performance, fiscal independence and financial efficiency of the IAR schools.

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Free Tutoring

IAR is pleased to announce tutoring for Elementary to High School students in English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

We meet every Monday from 5:00 to 6:30 PM on the second floor room 240.


Self-Care and Self-Compassion Workshops

HOPE Sisters presents Self-Care and Self-Compassion Workshops. Join us for this series of exciting free workshops! Hope-Sisters-Workshop.jpeg

IAR Umrah package as a reward

IAR is still seeking qualified candidates to fill the now vacant position of the CEO. IAR is accepting applications until the position is filled.

IAR is reaching out to the community and welcomes leads to qualified, willing and able candidates to fill this CEO position.

Person recommending the would be successful and to be hired candidate would be eligible for the IAR Umrah package as a reward.

IAR CEO Job Description

IAR Qur'an Contest 2019

The Quran Contest will be held on Saturday September 14 from 9am - 5pm at the IAR.

Quran Contest Details

IAR Community Newsletter - May 2019

YASEER Youth Volunteers

THRIVE at IAR is excited to announce YASEER, a youth volunteerism group that links Muslim high school students to service opportunities around the Triangle area.


Does Disability impact your family?

Logo.png muhsenlogo.png

IAR is working towards a Silver certification from MUHSEN for providing a friendly environment for special needs families.

Muhsen (Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs) is a non-profit umbrella organization serving the Muslim community to establish a more inclusive "Special Needs Friendly" environment for our Brothers & Sisters living with Disabilities.

Muhsen will advocate, educate, train and implement programs and services nationwide to improve access to Masajid for individuals with Special Needs as well as acceptance and inclusion by the community in all aspects.

As an ongoing effort to support Muhsen in its goal to recognize and learn the requirements for individuals with disabilities, IAR requests that if you have a family member with special needs to please fill out the Needs Assessment survey.

If you know anyone who has a family member with special needs, please send the link to the survey to them.

All responses are confidential and will automatically be directed to Muhsen.


IAR Fundraising Statement

The Islamic Association of Raleigh would like to thank you for your continuous and steadfast support of your center.

Your generous donations help us improve on the programs and services we provide to our community members as well as maintain, manage and beautify the center. Your feedback and input are always welcome and appreciated. JAK for being an important part of the IAR.

IAR Fundraising Brochure

Imam Baianonie's Book on Fiqh

Alhamdulillah our respected Imam Baianonie's book on Fiqh is now available to download.

Differences in Fiqh Made Easy (pdf)

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September 15, 2019Muharram 16, 1441 Hijri

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September prayer schedule

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Friday prayer topics and speakers to be announced soon.

Friday Prayer Schedule

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