Ramadan 2018 / 1439h

Ramadan Fundraiser
The Islamic Association of Raleigh invites you to participate in our annual Ramadan Fundraiser this Friday May 25th. Donation drives will be held following the Jumaa Khutba’s and after the 1st 4 raqaat of Taraweeh prayer. Donations and pledges can be made online here, using the IAR App, or via the kiosks located in the lobby. Your sustained contributions are essential for the operation, services, and activities at our center. On behalf of the fundraising team at IAR, Jazakum Allahu Kharian for your generous donations and continued support.

​The IAR congratulates you on the arrival of Ramadan. Ramadan Program Details | Ramadan Imsakiyah

Some useful reminders: Ramadan Rulings YouTube lectures by Imam Muamar | Iftar Donations | IAR Hajj Program

Subcontractors Needed

IAR is seeking "site work" subcontractors for site development at 3104 Page Road, Durham. Please review the site plan details to learn more.

Ramadan Essay Contest

IAR Youth Committee invites you to participate in the Ramadan Essay Contest. The contest is open to all High School and College students. With $200 first place prize, $100 for second & $70 for third. Submission deadline is June 6. Details

Ramadan Prayers

Daily schedule of prayers and activities during the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan Program | Ramadan Imsakiyah

IAR-Exclusive Deluxe Hajj Program 2018/1439

Join the IAR Hajj Family! Premium deluxe program exclusively for IAR. Feature Includes: Stress-free Direct Flights, Haram Boundary Hotels, Room Access During Hajj, Upgraded Mena Camp Across Jamarat and much more! Starts at an unbeatable $ 9,940. Register at iarhajj.org.

Iftar Donations

The Social & Welfare Committee will offer Ramadan Iftar daily at IAR, Monday through Saturday. It is open to all community members but particularly for the needy, refugees, travelers, and singles.

Donations for the Daily Iftar Program are being sought from the Community. The amount needed to cover the cost of one day Iftar is $2,500.

A total of over $75,000 will be needed to cover the cost of daily Iftar for the entire month of Ramadan and Sahoor for the last 10 nights of the month. There is opportunity to sponsor a day ($2,500), 100 person-Iftar ($1000), 75 person-Iftar ($750) or whatever amount you are able to donate.

Your generous donations are requested and may Allah SWT reward you for your good deeds.

Iftar Donations Payment Methods:

By Check: Make check payable to IAR and write "Daily Iftar in the memo section. Deposit check in the IAR Donation Box in the lobby. Use envelopes marked "Daily Iftar" provided in the IAR lobby.

On-Line: Select "Daily Iftar" in the "Give To" drop-down box.

Cash: Use envelopes marked "Daily Iftar" provided in the IAR lobby and deposit in the Donation Box.

Boys Summer Day Camp

The IAR Youth Committee is organizing a Summer Day Camp for elementary and middle school boys only, on Mondays through Thursdays 12:15 pm to 4:45 pm, starting on June 18 and ending on July 26 2018.

Activities planned include Quran discussions & reflections, sports, design & craft competitions, and other hands-on activities.

Only limited seats are available Registration Form

Boys Overnight Program

IAR Youth Committee is organizing an overnight program for elementary and middle school aged boys in the second weekend of Ramadan.

The program starts on Friday May 25 at 11:30 pm and continues until Saturday May 26 5:15 am in the masjid. Details

Seeking Special Events Volunteers

The IAR is looking for volunteers to help in organizing different events like Eids and picnics. If you are interested, please send an email to office@islam1.org

General Body Meeting Report

The annual general body meeting was held on Friday May 4. The IAR General Body Meeting Report (pdf) summarizes the accomplishments of the various standing committees and their plans for the next year.

Volunteers Needed

The Refugee Support Team needs volunteers to help launch and sustain the volunteer activities.

IAR Social Welfare Committee Refugee Volunteer Sign-up Form

Ramadan Volunteers

The Safety & Security committee is looking for volunteers to help during the month of Ramadan. If you are interested please sign up at Security Office desk in the masjid.

Clubs and Sessions for Our Youth

The Youth Committee at the IAR is offering a wide variety of Clubs & Sessions for our youth. So far we have Adhan & Iqamah Club, Science Club, Technology Club and career club. Generally all clubs and sessions require registration and are 6 weeks long from 6:30pm to 8:00pm with breaks for Salah. Youth will have the opportunity to network with other youth and with our professional community members while gaining a skill. Our goal is to offer more Clubs & Sessions as they become available.

More information & registration

Seeking Volunteers For Committee Chairpersons

The IAR is looking for chairpersons' volunteers to fill the open positions. These positions are for 4 years subject to the approval of the Shura.

Additional details

Shura Term 2018-2021 - New IAR Officials

Alhamdulillah Br. Samy and I are honored and truly humbled to serve as the new Chair and Vice-Chair of the IAR for the Shura term 2018-2021. We are thankful to Allah (SWT) for His blessings and to all of you to trust us to serve as the officials of the IAR. This is a huge responsibility and Insha Allah we look forward to serving the community with your support and team work.


The Missing Piece

The IAR is delighted to announce a new weekly program, "The Missing Piece:" An Islamic Studies Class" for high school and college brothers and sisters beginning in January 2018. Please see the poster in the lobby.

Details & Registration

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May 23, 2018Ramadan 8, 1439 Hijri

Prayer Times

Wednesday, May 23 2018




Fajr 4:24 AM 4:45 AM
Shuruq 6:04 AM
Dhuhr 1:17 PM 1:35 PM
Asr 5:01 PM 5:30 PM
Maghrib 8:23 PM 8:33 PM
Isha 9:32 PM 9:45 PM
Taraweeh   10:05 PM

May prayer schedule

Prayer times on your phone: https://raleighmasjid.org/m

Friday prayer topics and speakers to be announced soon.

Friday Prayer Schedule

  • 1st Shift:
    Khutba 11:30 / Salah 12:00
  • 2nd Shift:
    Khutba 1:00 / Salah 1:30
  • 3rd Shift:
    Khutba 3:00 / Salah 3:30