The Islamic Association of Raleigh congratulates you!

Please note the following guidelines to help make your ceremony run smoothly.

Obtain a marriage license before the IAR marriage ceremony from a North Carolina Register of Deeds office.  Additional information available at (919) 856-5460.

The following individuals should be physically present at the marriage ceremony:
  • Groom
  • Bride
  • Father of the bride or an equivalent Mahram (relative guardian) to her, serving as Wali
  • 2 Muslim male witnesses
The following documentation will be required on the day of the marriage at IAR:
  • Marriage license (the register of deed)
  • No Marriage is performed without valid Marriage License.
  • Photo Identification for bride, groom, wali/guardian and witnesses.
Additional Notes
  • The marriage will be conducted in the Upstairs Prayer Hall which can accomodate roughly 75 individuals, if you require additional space please contact us.
  • The fee for a marriage is $250.
  • As the space is used for prayer, we appreciate you removing your shoes upon entry and storing them on the racks.
  • Food and drink is prohibited within the space, however information about catering and a reception service is available by contacting Al Maidah cafe.
  • Per IAR Policy, IAR mails the original marriage license papers to the court for final certification, and the court provides the official marriage certificate by the mail to the couple. The couple must request this document from the court.


Please watch the video to learn what the steps are to get married at IAR
Marriage Presentation & Frequently Asked Questions

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