IAR 2022-2023 Impact Report

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Discover how our community thrives through phenomenal faith-based programming.

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Key Achievements:

  • Attracted 500+ college students and young professionals through a successful Ramadan Qiyaam.
  • Organized an 8-week extensive summer day camp for boys and girls aged 7-14, ensuring year-round engagement of the youth.
  • Achieved high rankings in state-wide robotics competitions, showcasing the talents of our Marvels of IAR team.
  • Facilitated a youth leadership development internship, developing 15-20 high school youth as capable leaders of tomorrow.
  • Coordinated weekly recurring youth programs, consistently drawing hundereds of youth across of all age segments to the Masjid.

People and Engagement:

  • The Youth Committee consists of 50 dedicated members.
  • Engages 1,300 youth annually through various programs and events, with a total count of 3,000 including Eid Fest.

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Programs Highlights

Financial Assistance

We dispersed financial support that benefited more than 1,000 individuals who are in time of difficulty and are in need of temporary financial aid. Checks are written directly to the applicable organization to pay for essentials like rent, utilities, tuition, etc. 

Emergency Relief

We contributed more than half a million dollars for humanitarian relief like Türkiye, Morocco, Libya, Afghanistan, and Palestine through trusted and reputable humanitarian organizations. The community also collected more than 10 tons worth of in-kind donations of clothing and more.

Refugee Support

IAR serves refugees to the Raleigh area with numerous services and coordinates with local and national partners. IAR is a member of the Welcome Coalition, a national initiative built to inspire, mobilize, and empower Americans to welcome and support those seeking refuge here and help them thrive.

Food Security

We provide monthly food assistance through our food pantry and distribute free Iftar meals during the month of Ramadan. We also provide free suhoor meals during the last ten nights. Through our partners, we send Zakat-ul-Fitr and Udhiya meat to multiple countries around the world.

The Cemetery expansion project

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