IAR 2023 Impact Report

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Our Students, Our Future

Serving more than 600 students, the IAR school system is redefining what American-Islamic education can look like. Discover how our educational programs have not only equipped students with the knowledge and skills for a successful future but also instilled values that resonate within the fabric of our diverse community.

The school has achieved notable milestones, including the recruitment of key positions such as a Principal, Hifdh Administrator, and Academic Coordinator. An-Noor has also developed an effective Hifdh Manual to facilitate Quran memorization and successfully merged two school campuses into one cohesive unit.

Volunteerism plays a pivotal role, with each committee member dedicating 30 hours a month, totaling an impressive 270 volunteer hours collectively. An-Noor takes pride in its success stories, with graduates gaining admission to top universities, actively leading taraweeh prayers in various masjids, and demonstrating commitment to advancing Quranic knowledge through pursuits like obtaining ijazah and teaching.

Community support is integral to An-Noor’s success, as evidenced by the emphasis placed on community involvement in fundraisers. Contributions from the community play a crucial role in retaining talented educators, ensuring the provision of the best possible education for students.

Looking ahead, An-Noor outlines both short-term and long-term goals. In the short term, the focus is on hiring, retaining, and promoting qualified administrators and teachers, as well as establishing school policies to foster professionalism and enhance student achievement. Long-term goals include the development of a five-year strategic vision plan for sustained growth and impact.

An-Noor actively encourages community involvement in shaping its vision, recognizing the instrumental role that the community’s contribution plays in determining the future of An-Noor School and ensuring the continued success of its educational mission.

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We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.