The Administration shall consist of: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Treasurer, Secretary/Administrative Assistant, and any other officers appointed by the Shura.

The Administration team will:

  1. Conduct the affairs of the IAR within the policies and guidelines of the Shura.
  2. Implement decisions of the Shura.
  3. Appoint, coordinate and supervise activities of different committees.
  4. Allocate budgeted funds for various committees, activities and project(s) approved by the Shura.
  5. Act as liaison between LLCs and the Shura.
  6. Resolve conflict(s) related to member(s) and membership before referring it to Shura (see Article V, Sec 3).


The Administration Team

Position Name
CEO Ahmed Baianonie
Secretary Pamela Haddad
Accountant – Treasurer Malik Assad
Facility Maintenance Chair Wael Saleh
Security & Safety Chair Jamil Qurneh
Youth & Special Projects Tara Olhoft

The 5 Pillars

Your masjid relies on five core pillars that help run all of its operations, programs, and services. Each pillar is composed of hard-working chairpersons, staff, and volunteers. This model is designed to streamline our operations, foster greater synergy among our teams, and enable us to deliver on our mission with increased impact.
Dedicated to nurturing and empowering our diverse community segments. Each department under this pillar plays a crucial role in enhancing the vibrancy and inclusiveness of our community.

Director: Tara Olhoft

Committee Chairperson
Older Adult Community Sohaila Dar
Sports & Recreation Ali Jaffry
Volunteer Ala Odeh
Women Nayla Al-Muhannadi
Youth Yusuf Zayan


The backbone for our operational excellence and strategic growth.


Committee Chairperson
Finance Asif Khan
Fundraising Ahmad Quqa
Legal Advisory  
Membership & Elections M. Abdul Lateef
Planning & Construction Open
Strategic Planning Abid-Alhamid Dahnoun 

Focuses on delivering a wide range of essential services that cater to the spiritual, educational, and welfare needs of our community.

Committee Chairperson
Cemetery & Burial Taher Abualhawa
Dawah & Outreach Fiaz Fareed
Education Yousuf Badar
Healh & Wellness Azleena Azhar
Social & Welfare Mohamed Elgamal

Aiming to foster educational excellence and spiritual development

Director: Ahmed Baianonie
Committee Chairperson
Al-Furqan School Shahmeem Rajak
Al-Iman School Wadah Sayyed
An-Noor Quran Academy Wasim Rahman
Al-Maidah Kitchen Ahmed Zaitoun
Endowment Hesham Abdelbaky
Page Road Munir Abdullah


Vital for our day-to-day functioning, ensuring our infrastructure and services are efficiently managed and delivered

Committee Chairperson
Cleaning Crew Aicha Boumchachen
Events Ahmed Gomaa
Facility Maintenance Wael Saleh
IT & Website Zaher Mashal
Technology Amjed Albataineh
Marketing Hamzah Ansari
Public Relations Ali Zelmat
Safety & Security Jamil Qurneh

Last Updated 2/27/2024

Please Note: There are still committee chair positions remaining “open.” Any community member interested to serve as chair for these open positions should send an email to [email protected] expressing your interest and the committee you want to serve so your nomination can be considered by the Shura.

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.