We are delighted to support – please review this brief FAQ to help ensure your needs are served effectively. 

How do I reach out to an Imam?

It’s easy! Click either of the links below at www.raleighmasjid.org and select the service you want. If you don’t have Internet access or computer proficiency, our Masjid Administration Office will be happy to help you.    

I have a fiqh question for an Imam

The Imam’s Office has an all new fiqh database that is frequently updated – please consult it first to see if an answer already exists.  If not, fill out a new religious inquiry – we aim to respond in 72 hours.

What if I want to see an Imam in person?

Much of our in person consultation has been moved virtually. If you have a quick question, an Imam is available for stand-up hours after Jumuah in the lobby.

Why can’t I just call or meet?

IAR offers many services across a large team with different specialties. By specifying the service you need, we route your request to the right person and serve you more promptly and effectively. Requests that require a phone call or meeting will be directed to a scheduling system automatically, or initiated by an imam.

What if I have an emergency?

Please dial 911 in the event of an emergency. The masjid is not open 24 hours and does not provide emergency services.  We can provide spiritual guidance as appropriate as the situation develops.

I need counseling help:

Our masjid’s imams are only able to assist with the Islamic religious and spiritual aspects of marriage and personal matters.  We are blessed with a diverse and talented team of volunteer professionals on the IAR Counseling Referral team who assist with support & referral services on a number of other needs.  At our masjid, they meet first with all counseling requests, and then refer any religious segment to imams in a follow-up meeting, if needed. To schedule: www.raleighmasjid.org/health

I need social services or financial assistance:

The Social & Welfare Committee is responsible for providing services to enhance the living conditions of Muslims in adverse circumstances. Visit, email [email protected], or call (919) 834-9572 x1338.

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.