Mohamed Badawy

Imam/Religious Specialist

Mohamed Mesbāh Badawy serves as Religious Specialist at the Islamic Association of Raleigh as well as Quran/Arabic Instructional Coach at Al-Iman School. A native of Egypt, he was raised with a love of knowledge and the deen of Allah from a tender age, completing memorization of the entire Holy Quran at the age of 10. He participated in many Quran competitions all across the world.

Imam Badawy studied at Al-Azhar primary schools and University, one of the most prestigious and extensive school systems in the Islamic world. He remained in the Al-Azhar system from elementary school through secondary school and higher education, completing his bachelor’s degree in Education (tarbiya) from Al-Azhar University. As part of this program, he studied educational psychology, psychological health, computer skills, and library and information science.

Shaykh Badawy’s record of service and teaching extend across a variety of roles in his early career, including:
  • Head of the students committee of Al Azhar University.
  • Participated in many educational conferences and forums at Al Azhar University and Zagazig University.
  • A co-teacher of the Holy Qur’an in both my village and in the city He moved to under the supervision of his father.
  • Imam of the taraweeh prayer in different mosques in Egypt.
  • A teacher of Computer Science in “al-Awaael Schools’ ‘ in Egypt.
  • A teacher of Library and Information Science at Al Azhar al-Sharif.
  • A manager of Public Relations in the General Libraries of Egypt.
  • A manager of the Youth Committee in the General Libraries of Egypt.
  • Official of the information system in the (PMOE) prime ministry of Egypt.
Imam Badawy traveled to the United States and continued pursuing his love of the Holy Quran and education through a variety of responsibilities, including:
  • Data entry in UPS Company.
  • A teacher of the Holy Qur’an at “An Noor Qura’an Academy” in the Islamic Center of Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Imam of “Masjid Jamaat Ibad ar-Rahman in Durham, North Carolina
  • Principal of Al-Misbah Qur’an Academy
  • A teacher of Islamic Studies at Al-Huda school in Durham, North Carolina.
  • Authorized as reciter of the Holy Qur’an through the connected chain of narration to the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) (ijaza)
  • CEO and Founder of Ubai Ibn Ka’b for Qur’an Ambassadors.
  • Coaching, planning, and follow-up for the program of Qur’an and Arabic Language at Al-Iman School at the Islamic Association of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Presently, Shaykh Badawy carries a number of important responsibilities in serving the Muslim community in the Research Triangle Region and beyond, including:
  • Imam/Religious Specialist at the Islamic Association of Raleigh
  • A student at Al-Azhar University, majoring in Law and Islamic Shari’ah.
  • Team member at the American Imams Academy in the US.
  • Principal at An-Noor Quran Academy

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