What are other matters related to ghusl?

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It is sufficient to perform one bath for two purposes (ex: one ghusl for cleansing from major ritual impurity and for Friday prayer).
If a person bathed from major ritual impurity, but did not perform ablution, the bath will suffice:
There is a minority opinion that states that this is not sufficient, and that one would also need to perform ablution.
It is allowed for a person in a state of major ritual impurity or a menstruating woman to remove their body hair, cut their nails, go to the market, and so on, without any dislike.
There is no problem drying oneself with a towel or other cloth after ablution or bathing in the summer or winter.
It is permissible for a man to use the water left over by a woman and vice versa.
It is prohibited to bathe nude in front of people and uncover your awrah:
It is permissible if you cover your awrah with clothes
It is not prohibited to bathe nude far away from people


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