Is it Islamically allowed to abort a fetus?

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It is not permissible to abort a fetus after four months have passed, and it is known for certain that the soul has been blown into the baby, and the soul has reached a stage to enjoy all the rights that all living beings enjoy. It is neither from Shari`ah nor reason to treat a weakling or a sick person by killing him. There are no exceptions to this rule unless the baby poses a risk to the life of the mother, for we do not sacrifice the life of the origin [the mother] for the sake of the unborn child; the Fiqh Council in the Holy City of Mecca has issued a ruling to that effect.

If, however, a deformation had been discovered or other dire reasons not to be able to handle raising a baby before the passing of 120 days of gestation, and it had been confirmed by the report of a medical commission of trustworthy, specialized physicians, based on professional examinations with technical equipment and lab work, that the fetus is severely and untreatable deformed, and that if it remains and is born on time, its life will be poor in quality and painful for both it and the family or if there is another legit Islamic reason why the family can not receive this future baby, then, in that case, it would be permissible to abort at the request of both parents.


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