What are the meaning of the words that are in the Talbiya?

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  • “La Shareek Lak” (“You have no partners”) – means that there is no deity worthy of worship but You, and there is no one who partners with You except You. 
  • “Innal-Hamda” (“All Praise”) – all the praise/praiseworthiness belongs to You.
  • “An-n’imata” (”Favor/Blessings”) – the blessings that Allah SWT has bestowed upon His slaves. 
  • “Al-Mulk” (”Dominion”) – Because The Owner/The Malik of all things is Allah SWT. 
  • “La Shareek Lak” (”You have no partner”) – the Prophet (ﷺ) concluded the Talbiya as he started it by negating partnership with Allah.

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