Zakat ul Fitr and Zakat ul Maal

Your Masjid is currently collecting Zakat-ul-Fitr and Zakat-ul-Mal.

For this year, the amount for Zakat-ul-Fitr has been set at $15 per person, and Fidya is $8 per person per day.

We kindly remind everyone to fulfill their Zakat-ul-Mal obligations promptly, enabling IAR to distribute the funds locally in a manner that aligns with Islamic teachings. Zakah payments can be made online, at the kiosk, or through the designated envelopes available in the lobby.

It is a duty for every Muslim, regardless of age, gender, or financial status, to pay Zakat-ul-Fitr if they possess food in excess of their and their dependents’ needs for one day and one night. Muslims are responsible for paying on behalf of themselves and their dependents, including spouses and children, whom they are obligated to support.

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.