A Ramadan Like No Other

Your masjid is entrusted with the welfare and spiritual guidance of our community, and we recognize the gravity of the decision surrounding events such as the ushering in of Ramadan. It is a struggle to balance gathering the community, as our hearts that are eager for the beginning of Ramadan and are also in mourning with our brothers and sisters overseas. It is our duty to offer an opportunity for families to come together, especially our children, and find joy in the anticipation of a blessed month of worship.

We know you are hurting, we know you are grieving. The cries of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Sudan, Yemen and many other parts of the Muslim world have traveled the world over and we hear them and we hear you. An ummah that hurts, hurts together.

In light of the ongoing crisis in Gaza and the Muslim world, as well as feedback from our esteemed community, we have transformed this “Ramadan Lighting Event” into a “Night of Solidarity”. Our annual event this year will center around Islamic speeches and duaas to soften and enrich our hearts, preparing us for a transformative Ramadan for the entire ummah, insha’Allah.  Additionally, we will forego the fireworks and countdown in favor of collective duaa.

Let us come together this Ramadan in solidarity. Let us light the masjids with our prayers, duaas and efforts towards making a true impact for our brothers and sisters that are suffering. Let us utilize this event as one that will gather the community to express support, supplication and an unwavering commitment to the well being and resilience of all Muslims. Let us come together for a Ramadan like no other.

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.