What is the ruling on using non-nutritive antibiotic eye drops and contact lenses solution (antibacterial and cleansing) while fasting?

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Scholars have differed over the ruling for using eye drops while fasting. The dominant opinion of the Hanafis and the apparent position of the Shafi’is is that eye drops do not invalidate fasting. Eye drops do not invalidate fasting even if they can be tasted in the throat because, according to them, the eyes are not an open body orifice directly to the throat.

Maliki and Hanbali scholars maintained that eye drops nullify fasting if the eye drops reach the throat because, according to them, the eye is an orifice, although not a usual one.

According to shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, the correct opinion is that since the eyes are not considered an open orifice, anything that enters the eyes, solutions, or medicine does not nullify fasting even if it reaches the throat. The taste of the eye drops in the throat does not mean that the eyes are orifices; instead, they reach the throat through the skin.


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