Do all the prohibition acts during the state of Ihram require a sacrifice?

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No, because the prohibitions are divided into categories: 

First category:

The mere invalidation of the prohibited act- such as a marriage contract or engagement- however, he continues with the rituals and no sacrifice is required.

Second category:

Intercourse before exiting the state of Ihram requires sacrifice (Fidyah) and would invalidate the Umrah and require its repetition. 

Third Category:

Acts if committed require one of the following forms of ransom (Fidyahh): fasting three days, feeding six needy people, or sacrificing a sheep. And that is if he commits one of the following prohibitions: cutting/removing hair, clipping nails, using perfume, approaching temptation, wearing gloves, wearing niqab for women, wearing stitched garments that outline body parts for men, covering head for men. One who has committed one of the prohibitions in the above mentioned category is given the choice of which ransom to complete

Fourth Category:

The ransom (Fidyah) of hunting.


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