Is saying “Jumuah Mubarakah” a Bid’ah (innovation)?

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There is no mention in the Sunnah about our beloved Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him, or his companions, congratulating each other with “Jumua’h Mubarakah“, so it should not be said as if it was a sunnah to do so. It will be wrong to establish this as a fixed greeting on the day of Jumua’h, and to make it a common practice where it becomes a custom among the Muslims to feel they must say it every Friday, and if they don’t say it as if something went missing in their ritual practice.

However, a believer is fortunate and blessed to be alive on a Friday to witness the blessings of the day of Friday. So, when one congratulates others with “Jumua’h Mubarakah” as an expression of a greeting of a happy occasion, then there is nothing wrong with that as we do with other occasions like Eid and Ramadan.


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