Is it better to wipe over the socks or to wash the feet while being at home?

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The majority of scholars, including Abu Haneefah, Maalik, and al-Shaafa’i, are of the view that it is better to wash the feet. They said: “That is because the basic principle is washing the feet, so that is better.”

Imam Ahmad was of the view that wiping over the socks is better because It is a concession, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Allah loves concessions to be taken as He hates sin to be committed.” Narrated by Ahmad, 5832

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah is of the view that either may be better depending on the circumstances of his feet. If a person is wearing socks it is better to wipe over them, and if his feet are bare, it is better to wash them.