Is the requirement of expiation due to intercourse in Ramadan lifted for whomever is unable to offer it?

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If one is unable to feed poor Muslim people, scholars have differed:

First opinion:

Requirement of expiation is not lifted and remains pending for him. This is the opinion of the majority from Maaliki, Hanafi, Shafa’i, and a report from Imam Ahmad. Additionally, it is permissible for one to offer expiation on behalf of someone else, but the fasting must be done by the person who committed the act.

Second opinion:

The requirement of expiation is lifted. This is based on the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) to the companion and the fact that he (pbuh) ordered him to feed his family instead. He (pbuh), did not order him to give another expiation or to do it later when he is able. This is the opinion of Hanbali and an opinion from Shafa’i.


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