Is it permissible to issue a credit card and is the ruling on accepting cash rewards?

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I pray all is well and may Allah (swt) accept all your good deeds and bless you for your keenness, eagerness, and enthusiasm to learn the authentic Sunnah in following your Deen.
Mufti Taqi Usmani has said, “Credit cards have become a necessity without which many transactions cannot be made; therefore it will be permissible to use them on the condition that the payments are made before the due date to avoid interest.”

Allah says what could be translated as:
“Struggle for (seeking the pleasure of) Allah, a struggle that is owed to Him. He has chosen you and did not impose any hardship on you in the religion…” Al-Hajj 22:78

Allah says what could be translated as:
” … while He has spelled out to you all that He has made unlawful for you, except that to which you are compelled by extreme necessity… “
Al-An’am 6:119

With regards to the points received from credit cards, they will be considered as a gift since it is a payback from the lender. You may spend them on whatever you wish.


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