What are impermissible acts during menses and post-childbirth bleeding which are disagreed upon?

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Reading the Qur’an
Majority – impermissible
Imam Malik, a saying in Hanbali, opinion selected by ibn Taymiyyah – permissible

Touching or carrying a copy of the Qur’an
Majority – prohibited
Dhaahiri – not prohibited

Staying in the masjid
Majority – prohibited
Dhaahiri and al-Muzny – not prohibited
Ahmad and Ishaaq – conditionally not prohibited
Condition is performing ablution following occurrence that caused the person to be in a major ritual impurity, with the exception of menstrauting women

Passing through the masjid
Hanafi, Maliki – prohibited
Shafa’i, Hanbali, ibn Abbas, ibn Mas’ud – not prohibited


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