In the case of expiation due to intercourse by means of feeding, is it required to feed sixty poor Muslim people or would it suffice to only feed one?

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Scholars differed:

First opinion: One must feed 60 poor Muslim people, and that is the opinion of the majority from the Maaliki’s, Shafa’is, and Hanbali’s; it cannot be split to feed 6 poor people for 10 days for example, or one poor person for 60 days. It must be 60 poor Muslim people according to the majority.
Additionally, it is not permissible to offer feeding expiation to one’s origin and that is to: mothers, fathers, and grandparents and to one’s progeny and that is: children, and grandchildren (male and female).

Second opinion: It is permissible to offer expiation to one poor Muslim person. However, it is not permissible to just feed him once. You must feed that person for 60 days; this is the opinion of the Hanafi’s. This is because the recurrence of the need of that person makes it as if it is another poor person each day. Therefore, it is as if one fed 60 poor Muslim people.


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