Can we pray Taraweeh or Night prayers while holding the Quran and reading from it? And can a person who does not understand Arabic praying Taraweeh behind the Imam hold the translation of the Quran to follow the Imam’s recitation so they can understand?

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Yes, it is permissible to do so while praying optional prayers based on the following evidence:

Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) led the people in prayer while he was holding Umamah, his daughter’s daughter.
(Narrated by Al-Bukhaari, 494 and Muslim, 543)

`Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) had a slave who used to lead her in prayer in Ramadan, reading from the Quran.
(Narrated by Al-Bukhaari in a mu’allaq report, 1/245)

Al-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him)said:
“If he reads from the Quran, that does not invalidate his prayer, whether he memorizes it or not. Rather, he should do that if he has not memorized Al-Fatihah, and if he turns the pages sometimes while praying, that does not invalidate his prayer. … This is our view and the view of Malik, Abu Yusuf, Muhammad, and Ahmad.” (Al-Majmu’, 4/27)

Sahnon (may Allah have mercy on him)said: “Malik said: There is nothing wrong with the Imam leading the people (in prayer) while reading from the Quran in Ramadan and in Nafl prayers.

Ibn Al-Qasim (may Allah have mercy on him)said: “That is makruh (disliked) in the case of obligatory prayers.” (Al-Mudawwanah, 1/224)


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