I have scheduled eye surgery for Glaucoma and the doctor is going to implant a gelatin stent inside the eye that is made of pig gelatin, is this Islamically permissible?

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A credible scholarly opinion exists that permits the use of this stent for the procedure based on several factors. Among these, scholars note that the gelatin has undergone a chemical transformation from its base form; that the primary direction of blood flow for the location of this stent is outward; and, that it is not ingested in the body. The stent is also used widely in some parts of the Muslim-majority world, where those scholars have deemed the same religious opinion.

In addition, it is our understanding that some alternatives to the cited stent exist for accomplishing the procedure and treating glaucoma, based on our consultation with Muslim providers in the field of specialization. Whether these alternatives are viable in your particular medical situation may be a good topic of discussion with your provider.

Since credible Islamic scholarship exists permitting the use of the stent, and due to the medical benefit of the procedure, you may proceed with confidence in following this opinion should you choose; or, if you wish you may also explore alternative technologies and their viability with your medical provider to treat glaucoma.


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