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I want to observe a prayer at the mosque. How do I know when they take place?

On the home page, scroll down to the Prayer Times section. There are 5 prayers daily.


  • Fajr (dawn prayer)
  • Dhuhr (early afternoon prayer)
  • Asr (late afternoon prayer)
  • Maghrib (sunset prayer)
  • Isha (evening prayer)

Next to each of these you will see two columns: Adhan and Iqamah.

Adhan, or the call to prayer, is the time at which Muslims can begin this prayer. They can pray wherever they are and the times change a small amount every day, based on the locale and the timing of the sun’s path during the day. Iqamah, or the establishment of the prayer, is the time to pray in congregation at this mosque. 

Use the navigation to view future prayer times, or use the Monthly link at the bottom of this schedule. We recommend that you arrive early enough to find parking.

On Friday, the Dhuhr prayer is replaced by the Jumuah, or gathering, prayer. Times for this Friday prayer are to the right of the daily prayer schedule. The listed time is the start of the Friday prayers.

For information on visiting a mosque, see our FAQs.  To schedule a visit, please see the Visiting IAR page. If you have additional questions we haven’t answered on our site, please email us at [email protected].


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