Is it permissible to receive a financial gift for teaching the Qur’an? If one does receive such a gift, must one give it away to charity?

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Some scholars who take a strict position on this matter view it impermissible to take any compensation for teaching Quran. When asked how would teachers dedicate their time to teaching Quran and not be compensated, they replied that if one wishes to teach the Qur’an, one would need to seek their provision elsewhere.

On the other side, most contemporary scholars view it permissible to take compensation for teaching the Qur’an, whether it be in the form of a gift, an honorarium, or a salary.
This is the ruling taken by many scholars, and it is the less strict of the two opinions. There are many factors that lead to the less strict opinion to have deep insight into thought and practicality in relation to our times.

The big drawback of the first strict opinion nowadays is that it makes the amount of time teachers can devote to teaching exponentially less. This leads to many harms, such as a lack of Islamic teachers, which then leads to the loss of Islamic and Qur’anic knowledge.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The thing for which you most deserve to take payment is the Book of Allah” (narrated by al-Bukhaari)

Therefore, you are not obliged to give away the money to charity, however, if you are not in need of the money, charity is a door to great reward.


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