What are the etiquettes when utilizing the bathroom?

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If the person is outdoors, he should be away and obscured by others.

As you enter the bathroom, enter with your left foot and say:

“Bismillah, Allahumma inni a’udhu bika minal khubthi wal khaba’ith,”

“In the name of Allah, Oh Allah, I seek refuge with You from devils – males and females.”

Do not mention the name of Allah swt while using the bathroom.

Do not face or turn your back to the Qibla if answering the call of nature outdoors when there is no visible partition or wall; it is permitted, otherwise.

Avoid shaded places which are used by people and places where people walk and gather.

Do not urinate in a bathing place or in still water.

Do not urinate standing if that makes your private parts visible to others or allows impurities to touch your body or clothes:

  • Prophet pbuh used to urinate while sitting most of the time

Remove impurities from private parts:

  • Using any pure matter three times (three stones) or by using water
  • Do not touch private parts with the right hand even when cleaning yourself.
  • Clean your hand by rubbing on soil, using water, or water and soap, after cleaning private parts.

As you exit the bathroom, exit with your right foot and say: “Ghufranak” (Oh Allah, grant me Your forgiveness).


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