Is it allowed in Islam for a woman to ride a bike or motorcycle?

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Islam deals with women on an equal footing with men. At the same time, Islam pays much more attention to protecting women against any harm. Women riding bikes, cars, and other means of transportation is in itself permissible just like it is permissible for men to do so.

In the pre-Islamic era, Arab women used to ride camels. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The best women who rode camels are the women of Quraysh.

In some societies, it is common for women to use certain means of transportation rather than others. Islam accepts cultures that don’t conflict with the teachings of Islam.

If riding a bike is a common practice in her local area, and if the woman can ride it while abiding by the Islamic code of dress and not revealing her body parts that should not be exposed in public, then the answer is yes, the woman may ride it.


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