Is it permissible to wipe over casts, wraps, and similar items?

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– It is permissible to wipe over any wrap or diseased/injured body part.
– It is not an obligation to perform ablution or bathe if one is unable to do so due to health reasons.
– It is obligatory to wipe over such casts or wraps when performing ablution or bathing instead of washing the injured parts.
Shafa’i and Hanbali – the wrap must be placed after ablution or bathing. If not, the person must repeat all prayers performed without having the wrap placed before performing ablution or bathing after he is cured.
Hanafi and Maliki – wrapping does not have to be placed after ablution or bathing. There is no need to repeat prayers that were performed with the wrap even if it was placed before ablution or bathing.


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