What are the preferred acts of ‘Umrah?

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There are many preferred acts of ‘Umrah. Amongst the most important of them

  • trimming the nails
  • performing Ghusl,
  • and perfuming the body BEFORE Ihram.

As for after Ihram, it is preferred to:

  • raise the voice in Talbiya (for men)
  • kissing the Black Stone as long as one does not harm himself or others in doing so
  • Idtiba’(uncovering a man’s right shoulder during Tawaf)
  • Ramal (power walk/light jog during the first three rounds of Tawaf)
  • utilize one’s time to do Dhikr, make Dua’, connect with Allah SWT
  • and to pray two Rak’at after Tawaf behind Maqam Ibrahim as an act of Sunnah if that is feasible.

It is also preferred to walk briskly (without exceeding the pace of a light jog) in Sa’i in the area that is
outlined by the green lights and to occupy himself with Dhikr, Tasbeeh, sending
Praise upon Allah SWT between Safa and Marwa.


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