What are the preferred acts of ‘Umrah?

There are many preferred acts of ‘Umrah. Amongst the most important of themare: trimming the nails, performing Ghusl, and perfuming the body BEFOREIhram. As for after Ihram, it is preferred […]

What are the mandatory acts of ‘Umrah?

Mandatory acts of ‘Umrah include: making the intention to enter the state of Ihramfrom the Meeqat, for a man to strip himself of stitched clothing, and to shavehead hair or […]

What are the pillars of ‘Umrah?

There are three pillars for ‘Umrah and ‘Umrah cannot be done without them. Theyare Ihram, Tawaaf around the House seven rounds, and Sa’i between Safa andMarwa seven times.