What are the eight types of fasts according to Imam Hanafi?

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  • Specified obligatory fasts: the current month of Ramadan
  • Non-specified obligatory fasts: making up fasts from a past Ramadan and expiation fasts
  • Specified necessary (wajib) fasts: specified vowed fasts
  • Non-specified necessary (wajib) fasts: non-specified vowed fasts
  • Emphasized Sunnah fasts: 10th of Muharram (day of ‘Ashura) along with the 9th
  • Recommended/Voluntary (nafl) fasts: 13th, 14th, 15th of each lunar month (full moon days)
  • Prohibitively disliked (makrooh tahrimi): fasting the two Eids
  • Slightly disliked (makrooh tanzihi): fasting the 10th of Muharram without the 9th or the 11th days, or singling out a Saturday for fasting.

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