What constitutes a Khulu’?

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Khulu’ is when the wife requests the divorce from her husband, and with the husband’s subsequent agreement to end the marriage.
We follow the scholarly opinion that the civil papers suffice as a clear indication of talaq or khulu, respectively, and initiate the ‘iddah period and divorce process.
If your husband signed the divorce paper with consent, then this is considered an intact divorce, and no further action is needed. If he was forced to sign the divorce papers but did not intend to divorce you, then you might want to consider an Islamic Khulu’.
If the husband does not agree to Islamic divorce, then you need to seek one of the recognized Islamic arbitration councils to contact your husband and start a khulu’ process. If he does not respond back to the council, the Islamic team council will start the Khulu’ process for you and divorce you from him Islamically.

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