What are the obligatory acts of wudu’ that are disagreed upon by the Muslim jurists?

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Obligatory – majority
Recommended – Hanafi
Al Tasmiya in the beginning التسمية:
Obligatory – Dhaahiri, Ishaaq, opinion from Hanbali, Ash-Showkanni, Al-Albani
Recommended – majority
Rinsing out mouth and nostrils:
Obligatory – Hanbali, Ash-Showkanni
Recommended – majority
Running one’s fingers through his beard:
Obligatory – Dhaahiri and others
Recommended – majority
Wiping the ears externally and internally:
Obligatory – Hanbali
Recommended – majority
Following the prescribed sequence of body parts one after another:
Obligatory – Shafa’i and Hanbali
Recommended – majority
Close sequence of the actions of ablution without any disjunction:
Obligatory – Maliki and Hanbali
Recommended – Hanafi and Shafa’i
Rubbing the limb(s) while pouring water over them:
Obligatory – Maliki
Recommended – majority


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