As the majority of graduate programs provide unsubsidized loans, AMJA deems this impermissible due to the loan pertaining interest. The link states that unsubsidized loans are haram based on their own merit and can only be permissible in a state of necessity. The article then states that further investigation is needed as it has not been determined the point in which university education can be considered a necessity that allows for interest bearing loans. My question is where to go from here? I want to achieve higher education to provide a sustainable life for myself and future family insha Allah and not being able to have the means to do so because of America’s interest system is saddening. Do Muslims that want to achieve a higher education but cannot afford it just stop going to school? How do Muslims work towards the positions in which they feel they can make a difference if interest based loans are preventing them from receiving the credentials society deems needed to be in those careers?

If your situation as you described that you feel higher education is a necessity for you and not an accommodation and a prestige, then you are eligible to pursue it […]