What is istihatha?

The discharge that usually comes after the hayth, but it is no longer defined as the hayth.

What are the nullifiers of tayammum?

Whatever nullifies ablution and/or bathingPresence of water for the one who couldn’t find waterAbility to use water for one who previously was incapable of using itExpiration of the permitted reason […]

What is tayammum?

Wiping the face and both hands with pure soil instead of performing ablution or bathing:Soil: whatever comes from the earth – dirt, sand, rocks, gypsum, etc.Dirt and sand must have […]

What are other matters related to ghusl?

It is sufficient to perform one bath for two purposes (ex: one ghusl for cleansing from major ritual impurity and for Friday prayer).If a person bathed from major ritual impurity […]

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