#NotInMyName: on Extremism and Islamophobia

A recording of Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb's Friday khutba (sermon) has been posted to YouTube. This sermon addresses the unusual marriage of two groups interested in marginalizing Muslims and demonizing Islam - extremist groups and Islamophobes - and how Muslims must take back the narrative of Islam for themselves.

Qur'anic Arabic & Tarbiyah Class Registration

The Qur'anic Arabic & Tarbiyah Class by Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb is targeted at those who can read and write the Arabic script. Students will get a basic understanding of Arabic grammar and structure, and learn key vocabulary to understand basic meanings of much of the Qur'an in a short period of time. Additionally, this course will inculcate Tarbiyah in the students.

Start Date: Thursday, Dec 3rd
Time: Thursday, 8 PM - 9 PM
Location: Women's Prayer Hall, 2nd floor

Class Registration

IAR Condemns Paris Attacks

The IAR stands with people of conscience across the world and our hearts and prayers are with those in Paris. May Allah show ease to the families of those who passed, heal those who are wounded and bring His justice to the perpetrators of this horrific act. Such hateful acts can not and will not represent our beautiful religion nor our Muslim community, and we join our neighbors and community partners in condemning crime, injustice, and terrorism across the world.

Imam's Initiatives for 2015

First video from your new Imam! A warm welcome to all of you plus Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb outlines the Imam's Initiatives for 2015 - (1) Family Fridays, (2) Transformative Education, and (3) Community Connections.

Like IAR's new page on Facebook and follow the Imam to stay up to date on future updates insha'Allah.

Friday Prayer Time Change

This past Sunday, November 1st 2015, Daylight Savings Time ended. Please note the new adhan and iqamah times for the daily prayers. We will also be making a change to the Friday Prayer 3rd shift time which will be effective from Friday, November 6th 2015. The new time for the 3rd shift will be from 2:45 PM to 3:15 PM.

My Muslim Neighbor

Please join the "My Muslim Neighbor" campaign and invite your non-Muslim neighbors to your home for a snack or a meal the weekends of November 14-15 or November 21-22. Most Americans do not know Muslims, and many Muslims do not know their neighbors. This is a first step to begin to fulfill our rights towards our neighbors. Go to www.mymuslimneighbor.com to sign up.

Event flyer | website

New IAR Playground

The IAR has a brand new playground with equipment for children of all ages. This playground is dedicated to the children and youth of our community. Please stop by with your kids and check out the new playground!

Job Openings

As positions become available we will be posting them to the new Jobs page on the website. To see all available positions please visit the new jobs page at raleighmasjid.org/about/jobs.html.

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November 25, 2015Safar 13, 1437 Hijri

Prayer Times

Wednesday, November 25 2015




Fajr 5:28 AM 6:00 AM
Shuruq 7:00 AM
Dhuhr 12:06 PM 1:35 PM
Asr 3:25 PM 3:32 PM
Maghrib 5:06 PM 5:16 PM
Isha 6:33 PM 7:30 PM

November prayer schedule

Prayer times on your phone: http://www.raleighmasjid.org/m

Salah Durations

Friday Prayer for IAR

  • Topic / Speaker
  • First Shift:
    12:00 - 12:35

    Title to be announced

    Sami Elzaharna

  • Second Shift:
    1:35 - 2:10

    Title to be announced

    Sh. Okasha Kameny

  • Third Shift:
    2:45 - 3:15

    Title to be announced

    Sh. Abdullah Khadra

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