Assalamu ‘Alaikum (May Peace Be Upon You),

Alhamdulillah, our community is blessed to have weathered the storm here in the Triangle. Others around the state were not so fortunate, and we pray for those who have lost lives, homes and businesses, and are struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of Florence. Those of us who were spared the worst have a duty to help our community members in the areas that have been devastated by the storm.

IAR’s Social and Welfare Committee, along with other North Carolina mosques and non-profit organizations, have joined together to share resources in coordinating a statewide relief effort to assist government agencies and relief organizations.

We have ongoing communication with government agencies and relief organizations assessing the extent of the damage and need.

We have coordinated a three-part effort:


Member organizations will be collecting donations this week in a supply drive.

The items can be dropped off Monday-Friday (9/17-9/21) at your neighborhood Triangle-area Mosques and on-campus locations designated by the corresponding Muslim Student Associations. All locations are collecting at all times Monday-Friday.

FINAL COLLECTION: Islamic Association of Raleigh – Saturday September 22nd, 2018 (9AM – 3PM)

Details about what is needed can be found here.


Volunteers will be helping out in impact zones through our partnership with Triangle Muslim Aid (TMA), government and nonprofit organizations. As the storm moves off, we are being updated on the needs in impact zones. More information on needs and assignments will be provided by TMA to those who sign up below.

Sign up here if you’re interested in volunteering.


If you’d prefer to give a monetary donation, please do so here.

We are working with NC state agencies to get aid to impact zones as soon as, and as efficiently as, possible.