September at IAR

Your masjid has a variety of exciting events coming up this month! Click through to check them all out.

Transformed by Worship (starts October 2nd)

Imam AbuTaleb teaches a class on the self-development and communal effects of worship in Islam.

  • Saturdays at 8AM.
  • In the upstairs Musallah and online.

Quran and Tajweed (TBD)

  • Imam Badawy teaches a Quran recitation class for all ages!
    • Brothers: 18 years and up on Mondays on campus. First floor in the back of Musallah.
    • Sisters: 18 years and up on Wednesdays on campus. First floor in the back of Musallah.
    • Elementary and middle school boys and girls (10 to 17 years old) online on Sundays. Virtual.
  • Registration required for all classes.

Fiqh of Salah (starts Oct 1st)

  • Imam Muamar releases a video on the rites of Salah every week!
  • Check our weekly email for the latest release.

Jumuah Reminder


Every Friday night we feature a special program targeting a variety of special interests and age groups. Bring the whole family!

Mindfulness Walk

Want to curb your anxiety? Tired of being stuck inside? Join us for a Joy of Missing Out walk!

Hifz Class

Al-Iman School will start registration for the Saturday Hifz. All families desiring to enroll student(s) should come to 3rd floor, White Building. See Br. Musa Ramsey