Seeking Volunteers For Committee Chairpersons

The IAR is looking for chairpersons’ volunteers to fill the open positions.

These positions are for 4 years subject to the approval of the administration or the Shura. You do not have to be IAR member for these positions. Please submit your resume and cover letter to Br. Samy Abdelbaky to the following email [email protected]. If you have any question or you need more information about any of these positions, please send email or call me at 919-624-7293 (leave a massage and I will return your call). The positions will be opened until it will be filled.

The following is a brief description about each committee.

Position Description
Al-Furqan School Weekend school, responsible for the school activities that include but not limited to Islamic education, extra-curricular education, safety of the children, recruiting teachers, adapting curriculum, managing school finance
IAR Secretary Notifying the members about the time and place of a meeting. Communicating the agenda for the Shura, Administration and General Body meeting(s). Keeping the minutes of the Shura, Administration and General Body meeting(s) and presenting the minutes of previous meeting(s) for circulation and approval. Keeping the IAR registered and in compliance with state laws. Keeping a directory of names, current phone numbers and addresses of all IAR members as provided by the Membership and Election Committee. Record Keeping: assisted by the Record Keeping Committee. Part time admin will help the secretary.
Website designer To lead the efforts or be part of the team redesign the IAR website.
Al-Iman School The team is in place
An-Noor School Quran memorization school with mandatory academics to comply with NCSOS requirements. Responsible for school activities that include but not limited to: hiring teachers, budget, long term plan, run the affair of the school with the school committee and admin
Cemetery Muslim Cemetery is managed and maintained by the Cemetery and Burial Committee. Will arrange for the burial of deceased person. Develop and maintain the cemetery site. Keep the database of deceased.
Dawah (Outreach) Coordinate the dawah activities that include receiving visitors at the ICR, making presentations, coordinating the dawah programs, visiting schools, churches and other places of worships, detention facilities. Responsible for open house at the ICR.
Education Offers programs for the community that include: Essentials of Islam class for new Muslims. ESL Class for Sisters. Classes taught by the Imams on topics such as Tajweed, Fiqh, Quranic Arabic Short Talk Program: A series of short talks after almost every Fajr and Isha prayer, covering various Islamic topics. Friday Night Program: A weekly program designed to complement the Friday Night Youth Programs. Various topics are covered by various local and guest speakers
Finance Responsible for preparing the IAR budget, work with different committees and fund-raising committee to achieve balanced budget
Management Chair General maintenance of ICR Property includes Gymnasium, Kitchen, Schools, Air-conditioning, Elevator, Access system, Security Camera system, Cleaning (Indoor and Outdoor), Playground, Lawn services, outside lights
Planning & Construction The Planning and Construction Committee is working with other committees in the IAR to develop and plan for expansion in different sites. Also, responsible for any modifications in the current facilities
Security & Safety Responsible for the safety and security of the community members and school children. Managing the security personals that includes a police officer. Responsible for coordinating the parking areas inside and outside the facilities on Friday, Ramadan Eids and special events.
Older Adult Committee Responsible to encourage senior adults to collaborate and exchange their skills, talents and strengths with youth and adults in the community. The seniors have their own activities e.g. monthly meetings, Ramadan iftars, social events, seminar workshops
Social & Welfare Manages the collection of Zakat and Sadaqah and disbursed to the needy people within the community including refugees, and internationally, especially during times of crisis. Other activities include: Iftar Ramadan, Udhiya, Fidya, Qurbani, help people with natural disasters. Also offer financial aid and, food pantry services,
Sports & Recreation The main objective is to encourage our community members to take full advantage of the social setting that sports, and recreational activities provide. There are basketball games for boys and girls, indoor soccer, deep sea fishing trip, karate for kids, and other recreational activities
Treasurer The main duties of a treasurer are to oversee the financial administration of the IAR, review procedures and financial reporting, advise the Shura on financial strategy, and advise on fundraising. Also, the treasurer is responsible for reconciliation of the bank account on the monthly basis and help the financial officer to establish the budget
Volunteer Responsible to establish a pool of volunteers to help the ICR committees. Also, provide training about the current volunteer work.
Women Support/Conduct weekly classes for Sisters. Support Jumuah salahs and Friday Night Program. Support Yearly events such as Community Picnic, Taraweeh during the month of Ramadan, Eid-ul-fir, Eid – ul-Adha. Work with other IAR Committees by providing support for special events as Education, Dawah and Sisters Youth Committees
Youth Responsible for youth activities that include but not limited to: elementary, middle and high schools’ boys’ and girls’ programs/Halaqa. Organize youth day and camps during the summer time. Coordinate with the MSA clubs in high schools.
Special Events Responsible for special events e.g. Eid prayers, IAR Picnic, health fair, open house
Membership/Election Responsible for organizing the derive for the IAR memberships and keep the database updated. Also, will be responsible for the running election at the ICR every 2 years.

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.