Raising Young Leaders with Rami Kawas on 4/19-20

  • Friday Khutbah Topic: Leaders of the Next Generation.

  • Friday night lecture topic: “Creating the Foundation for Leadership”
  • Saturday Workshop – see below: 
  • Raising Young Leaders with Rami Kawas
    • Description: Through this workshop, attendees learn about the science of youth development particularly for preteens, adolescents and emerging adults and learn how to cultivate leadership qualities at various ages of development. This will provide practical knowledge for parents, mentors, or people who work with youth on how to develop important qualities and characteristics outlined by leadership development research. It will offer a plethora of developmental strategies and practical techniques to raise leadership characteristics in youth.

    • High-level Breakdown:

  • Attendees will understand the science of youth development including the research on essential social, emotional, mental developmental factors

  • Attendees will understand the latest in leadership development research and how it ties to youth development and as well as how to cultivate some of those essential factors in youth

  • Attendees will learn practical strategies on growing strong beliefs, values, and qualities that can create leadership characteristics in youth

  • Attendees will be trained on techniques, and practical developmental skills to have in everyday development of youth


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