Open House 2021 Report

Alhamdulillah, despite the challenges of these days, the IAR has conducted another very successful open house today under the leadership of Br. Fiaz and Br. Samy with an amazing and dedicated team of volunteers in all different areas.

The event started at 11 AM with a special in-person visit by the Fort Bragg military group (total of 58) who were welcomed in by Br. Fiaz and provided delicious lunch prepared by Al-Maidah and Br. Zaiton. Starting at 12:00 PM, the remainder of the open house was streamed online starting with a welcome from our MC Sr. Safa, followed by a beautiful Qur’an recitation by Br. Hamzah. We then had a recorded video tour of the IAR, followed by a presentation by Br. Fiaz on “What is Islam and Who are the Muslims”. Imam AbuTaleb gave a wonderful speech afterwards on the theme of the event, Navigating Difficult Times. We had a live Q&A session towards the end and Alhamdulillah we had many participants both online and in-person and the Imam answered all their questions with the help of Br. Fahad, Sr. Megan, and Br. Mustafa. The event ended with an appreciation token from the Fort Bragg group to the Imam, Br. Fiaz, and the Islamic Association of Raleigh before observing the Dhuhr prayer.

View pictures and videos from the event here.

The virtual portion of the open house is recorded and available on the IAR YouTube channel. Big thanks to the media team (Br. Aamir, Br. Kashif, Br. Zaher and Br. Okasha) who worked hard on delivering a good experience for our virtual audience.

We also had amazing efforts from setup, distribution, and clean-up teams including Sr. Tanzeel, Sr Tahseen, Sr. Sumayyah, Br. Mohammad Omary, Sr. Megan, Br. Jalees, Br. Greg, Br. Hamzah, Br. Haamid, Br. Muadh, and many more as well as our amazing security team led by Br. Rashid. JazakumAllahu Khairan to all.

Alhamdulillah the feedback on the event was great, and we received this thank you from the leader of Fort Bragg group:


Thank you to you and staffs very much for accommodation today. Soldiers enjoyed service and food very much. It was such a great message from Imam. Soldiers have learned a lot today and we will continue to learn. We will keep in touch.
CH Ammartek

May Allah reward everyone who participated in this and accept all your efforts.

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.