Jumu’ah Prayers on 3/13 CANCELLED

Jumu’ah prayers will not be held on March 13per the Triangle Imams Council declaration below


Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation as well as direction from government and health officials, the IAR will be open on a limited basis for DAILY PRAYERS ONLY starting Friday, March 13.  Please immediately leave the facility after sunnah prayers.  All other activities (including Al-Furqan School, youth and education programs, and fundraiser) are canceled. In addition Al-Iman and An-Noor will not be in session for students.  Please monitor our website for further updates. 


Congregants should exercise their discretion in coming to the center for daily prayers.  Congregants who are particularly vulnerable, including the elderly, those with underlying medical conditions, and those with weakened immune systems should not come to the masjid.  Congregants with a fever, flu-like symptoms, or consistent coughing and sneezing must not come to the masjid.  Prayer at home is an acceptable alternative, particularly in circumstances such as these.


Congregants may direct religious questions to the IAR Imams and may find it helpful to consult references including the AMJA Declaration  and the article penned by Imam Suhaib Webb.



From the Triangle Imams Council, Research Triangle Region, North Carolina, USA:


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم | In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Jumuah Prayers will NOT be observed on Friday, March 13.


Congregants should pray Dhuhr at home, in lieu of Jumu’ah prayers.


The Triangle Imams Council has closely monitored the rapidly evolving COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation in our area.  In consultation with area imams and community leaders, and in compliance with Governor Cooper’s declaration to avoid gatherings of more than 100 people, the Council has decided to cancel all Jumu’ah prayers tomorrow. Please check in with your local masjid regarding the status of daily prayers and activities since they may also be impacted by the current situation.


The decision to cancel Jumu’ah prayers was made with full consideration for the health and safety of our entire community, particularly the most vulnerable, and reflects the foundational Islamic legal principle that the preservation of life is among Islam’s greatest objectives.  Further, the decision encompassed consultation with major religious references, including fiqh councils and scholars, as well as public health and medical professionals.


The Triangle Imams Council made this difficult decision with a heavy heart and a steady hand.  Missing this blessed act of worship and noble gathering of believers reminds us of Allah’s great favor upon us all with the blessings of Islam, Iman, family, health, safety, and so much more.  We turn to Allah in humility and ask Him to protect all of humanity from this affliction and to lift it from the entire world.


As a reminder, do NOT come to the masjid for Jumu’ah Prayers on March 13.

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