Job Opening: Youth Program Development Manager

The Islamic Association of Raleigh youth committee is seeking a temporary part-time Youth Program Development Manager to successfully lead, brainstorm, plan, launch, develop, and evaluate long-term programs for the empowerment of Muslim youth. Strategically recruit, set goals, maximize resources, and ultimately make each program more effective and sustainable long-term. 10-12 hours per week.

Job Description: Program Development

Within Each Program:

Planning & Design:

  • Identify and recruit a cohesive team
  • Lead the development of mission and vision statements
  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Plot a timeline
  • Identify intended results and outcomes


  • Ensure progress toward intended results and outcomes with periodic assessments
  • Establish a sustainable program structure
  • Effectively delegate tasks to team members and volunteers
  • Market to target audiences in a timely and effective manner
  • Make recommendations 

Evaluation & Accountability:

  • Conduct various levels of evaluation of program impact
  • Develop presentations to highlight progress and successes
  • Report evaluation results to Youth Committee Chairperson, relevant personnel, and stakeholders 


  • Support the work and development of ongoing youth programs as needed.
  • Assist Youth Committee Chairperson and other champions/volunteers as needed.
  • Work on other duties as assigned.


  1. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Preference will be given to candidates with a degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Psychology, Islamic Studies or related fields.
  2. Previous experience working with Muslim youth and program development.


Salary is based on qualifications and previous experience. Please send your resume with a cover letter to [email protected].

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.