Imam's Corner

Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb

Mohamed AbuTaleb serves as the Imam of the Islamic Association of Raleigh. He is a lifelong student of the Quran and Islamic studies, has studied with a number of credentialed scholars and teachers and has been blessed to memorize the Holy Quran. Mohamed has pursued seminary training through the Cambridge Islamic College and Al-Salam Institute in the United Kingdom, and studied under teachers trained at Islamic universities in India, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Mohamed also shares a love of science and reason and completed his Ph.D. and Master's degrees in electrical engineering from MIT along with degrees in physics and mathematics from the University of Maryland.

Imam AbuTaleb's greatest charge in life is to worship Allah by being a good father, husband, and son. He is happily married and blessed with a young son and daughter.‚Äč

A short biography of Imam AbuTaleb

Imam AbuTaleb can be contacted at and 919-834-9572 x 1357


Assistant Imam Muamar Dahnoun

Assistant Imam Muamar Dahnoun is a native of Palestine and has lived in Raleigh, North Carolina since 1993. Since 1998, Imam Muamar has been the Islamic Association of Raleigh's main fundraising coordinator and youth counselor. Imam Muamar received his Islamic & Arabic studies from the American Open University in Alexandria, Virginia. Imam Muamar is married and a father of 4 children.

A short biography of Imam Dahnoun

Assistant Imam Dahnoun can be contacted at and 919-834-9572 x 4