IAR Annual Fundraising Dinner

Live Stream

This is to inform you of our annual fundraising event schedule on Saturday January 26, 2019. Alhamdullah, we have made it here today due to your generosity in supporting your Masjid. With Allah’s (SWT) help and your donations, we have built one of the largest Islamic centers in the Southeast of America. The IAR is blessed to have such an amazing community, without even asking, you continuously support our Islamic center and always exceed our expectations. 


The volunteers who help us to run our Islamic center are second to none. Your donations help the IAR cover our running expenses (e.g. maintenance, security, utilities, enhancement of the center and many programs that benefit our community members).   


Our Islamic center is considered a hub of activities for our community members:


– If you plan to get married, come to the IAR.

– If you want to attend educational programs, come to the IAR.

– If you need mental health counseling, come to the IAR.

– In case of the death of a loved one, come to the IAR.

– If your children like to play, bring them to the IAR.

– If you want your children to attend Islamic schools or memorize the Noble Quran, come to the IAR.

– If you want to attend Hajj or Umrah, come to the IAR.

– If you want to donate your Zakah money or give Sadaqah, come to the IAR.

– If you want to enjoy delicious halal food with your family, come to the IAR.


There are many activities which are covered by your donations!


Our annual fund-raising event is scheduled for Saturday January 26, 2019 (in 4 weeks) at the McKimmon Center – 1101 Gorman St. Raleigh, NC from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Babysitting is available in the Red Brick Building.


Please mark your calendar, we are counting on your continued support of your Islamic center!


**Purchase your tickets on the IAR website, through Qgiv at the kiosk or in person in the lobby. https://secure.qgiv.com/for/iaor/event/797147/


It is the responsibility of all of us to cover the daily expenses of the Masjid (general fund).


Please encourage your family and friends to attend. May Allah Almighty count your support and generosity on your scale of good deeds. Ameen.

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.