IAR 2023 Ramadan Quran Competition is Open for Registration 


  • Stress the importance of the Book of Allah SWT in memorization, tajweed, and tilawah.
  • To develop Quranic spiritual, mental, and performing skills of the young Muslim generation.
  • Provide an appropriate educational environment for students who are goal driven to excel in the memorization and tajweed of the Holy Quran.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Complete one registration form for each participant and submit by the deadline.
  • Registration open for boys and girls, females and males.
  • All participants must adhere to the Islamic Dress Code.
  • Participants may choose to compete in a category above their age, but not below their age.
  • Please arrive promptly on the day of the competition.
  • Participants will be judged on Hifz, Tajweed, and Performance.
  • The competition eligibility is based on age.
  • Participants have the option to choose their way of recitation according to the different narration From Imam Asim and Nafi
  • Participants will be tested in the order they arrive.
  • Each participant may only compete in one category.
  • Alumni of Hifdh school and students of Hifdh school must register in higher categories.
  • For additional help, it is always good to practice with a good reciter or Qari so you can correct your mistakes. One must put in extra effort in correcting previous mistakes in order to not repeat them. – While reciting, one must raise his / her voice and read confidently and clearly

Minimum Scores for Grand Prizes

For Categories 

1st Place: 95                                 

2nd Place: 90

3rd Place: 85

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your application is received, reviewed and approved, you will receive an email with your arrival time.  It will take approximately 10 -15 minutes for each participant to be tested.  Once tested the participant may leave.

Each participant will compete individually in front of a committee of 2 judges/sheiks. No one else will be allowed to enter the room during the competition.  Each participant will take approximately 10 -15 minutes. The competition is video recorded.

Parents and guests are more than welcome to attend, however only participants will be allowed in the testing room.  Anyone else will be required to wait in a waiting area.  Participants will wait in the waiting area until their turn is called.  It is highly recommended that very young children do not attend as they may get restless and become a distraction to others.

No, the winners will not be announced the same day.  All participants and their parents must come on the Awards Ceremony for the Ramadan Quran Competition.  Every participant is a winner and all will receive an award.  Grand prize winners must meet minimum score requirements as stated on the competition flyer. Grand prize winners will be the 1st – 5th place winner in each category.  Grand prizes are monetary.

Prizes & Winners


ھذا وبا التوفیق ونسألھ سبحانھ وتعالى القبول وحسن الختام

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