Committee Chair Applications

The deadline for nominating yourself for a committee chair position is June 30, 2022

Your masjid relies on a core team of dedicated volunteer committee chairs overseeing and managing targeted programming for every member of our beloved community. Below is a brief description of each of these committees, we encourage you to read each of these and apply to be one of new committee chairs!

Cemetery Handles and oversees all funerals at IAR and related arrangements. This includes but is not limited to arranging the logistics of securing the deceased body, washing and preparing for burial. The committee is also responsible for maintating the cemetery in good condition and conducting regular/periodic cleaning and removal of the weeds and shrubs at the grave sites. Requires supervision and oversight of Funeral Director, other staff and volunteers.
Dawah & Outreach Coordinates programs that focus on raising awareness of IAR and Islamic teachings. This involves managing an outreach coordinator and volunteers, conducting regular awareness sessions on Islam and executing annual events like the open house.
Education Coordinates educational programs and events on Islam and other topics of interest for the community at the IAR facility.
Events Plans, coordinates, and assists in the execution of all special events at IAR.
Facility Maintenance Manages all all on-site maintenance and repairs at the IAR facility. This involves managing paid staff and coordinating contractors and volunteers.
Social and Welfare Distributes of Zakat-ul-Maal and Saddaqqah/Needy donations. Additionally, is responsible for Zakat-ul-Fitr and Fidya collection during Ramadan and their distribution. The committee is responsible to provide services and programs to the underpriviledged, including but not limited to food pantry, financial assistance, Ramadan Iftar, and Refugees assiatance.This includes managing staff and volunteers, providing case management, and assessing different nonprofits for partnerships.
Volunteer Engagement Planning and coordinates the volunteer experience at IAR. This involves recruiting and building a volunteer pool at IAR, planning events for volunteers, coordinating with volunteers and connecting them to opportunities at IAR that meets their interests and passion.
Membership Runs the membership drive, facilitates and manages elections, and updates information on our community’s IAR membership status.
Older Adult Providing services and programs catered to the elderly of our community
Planning & Construction Oversees the planning and execution of IAR’s contruction related projects
Security & Safety Maintainins a safe environment at the IAR facility. This involves managing a team of staff and volunteers, coordinating with RPD, assessing the risk of proposed events and programs, and reacting effectively to emergencies at the facility.
Sports & Recreation Plans and coordinates sporting events and programs for the community.
Technology Identifies technological solutions for IAR. This includes troubleshooting, maintenance, and improving current solutions.
Women Plans and coordinates programs and events that cater to the women of our community. This includes creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for women at IAR , volunteering opportunities, and special programs.
Youth Plans and coordinates programs and events that cater to the youth of our community. This involves managing the champions and executive team, managing employees and volunteers, overseeing the halaqas, itikaaf, and special events.
Equity Diversity and Inclusion Improves the IAR culture to ensure it represents and accommodates the diverse needs of its members
Page Road More information to come.
Investment Identifies and coordinates real estate related transactions.
Endowment Stewards the investments going towards IAR endowments. This include working with the investment firm, working closely with donors, and send projections to the fundraising and finance committee
Finance Prepares annual budget, and submits annual general body financial reports. Meet with committee chairs to review their budget vs actual expenditure.
Fundraising Collaborates with IAR teams to raise funds to sustain the masjid, facilitate Zakat collection and executes annual fundraisers. Works closely with marketing to develop IAR merchandise.
Marketing Markets the amazing programs led by our other committees on various social media outlets. Generates graphics and print media for programming and furthering the IAR brand. Records and documents IAR events in addition to managing the website front end.
Cleaning Maintains the cleanliness of the IAR facilities. This includes managing and oversight of cleaning staff, cleaning supplies orders, daily, monthly, seasonal/special events, and annual deep cleaning.
Strategic Plan Advancement Works closely with the Shura and the CEO to assess and execute the advancement of the IAR Strategic plan. This includes working closely with different departments of IAR, preparing periodic reports, and work with the CEO to establish annual operational plans

We are delighted to highlight the amazing work of our community in this impact report.