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Introduction to Islam

Learn about Islam online from the comfort of your home!

Due to COVID-19, we’re now holding online classes instead of the in-person class. We invite you to participate live either on Zoom (fill out form to get the zoom link)YouTube, or Facebook every Sunday from 2-3 PM, and you may send in your questions on the live chat.

This informal class is intended for non-Muslims but Muslims are highly encouraged to attend with their non-Muslim guests. The class introduces non-Muslims to the basic articles of Islam and focuses on topics that are brought up by the participants.

Only main issues of the faith are discussed. Any questions about Islamic law (fiqh) are forwarded to the Imams of the Islamic Center of Raleigh who are better equipped to answer those questions.

If you have questions, please contact the IAR Outreach Committee at [email protected].

If you request a visit and this is your first time visiting the Islamic Center of Raleigh, here are some pointers on visiting a mosque:

  • Men and Women are expected to wear modest, loose-fitting clothes. Muslim women typically wear a headscarf as well.
  • Take off shoes before entering the prayer area at a mosque
  • Put phones on silent while prayer services are being offered
  • Take conversations outside the prayer hall to avoid distracting those who are praying
  • Please be aware that many Muslims do not shake hands with anyone of the opposite gender. That is, men do not shake hands with women, and women do not shake hands with men. Unless he/she extends his/her hand first, it is better to not extend yours.

We are extremely delighted that you are interested in learning more about Islam. We pray to Allah to open your heart and to make it easy for you to understand Islam.

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