What is the length of the hayth (menses)?

– Hanafi: minimum length is 3 days, with a maximum of 10 days.– Maliki: no minimum length, with a maximum of 15 days.– Shafa’i and Hanbali: minimum of 24 hours, […]

What is hayth?

It is the menses. The discharge of blood from the body, which has certain characteristics to it: thickness, color, etc. Each woman knows best what is typical for her body.

How does one perform tayammum?

According to Maliki and Hanbali:Make the intentionHit pure soil once with both hands:Wipe your face with the palms of your handsThen wipe the entirety of both hands up to the […]

What is tayammum?

Wiping the face and both hands with pure soil instead of performing ablution or bathing:Soil: whatever comes from the earth – dirt, sand, rocks, gypsum, etc.Dirt and sand must have […]

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